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NOTE: Many of the music programs aired by KFCF or KPFA are not streamed due to Federal regulations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Rules in the act say that all songs and the number of streaming listeners must be reported to SoundExchange.  You can see some of the rules here:

Due to on-air programmers not following the rules which limit the number of songs by an artist within a 3 hour period [example: artist tributes or playing more than a few cuts from a new LP] and programmers not completing the required playlist reports, music programs which fail to follow federal rules are not streamed.

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KFCF is streaming. There are no archives of local programs due to Congressional restrictions on public access. If you are looking for a program from KPFA go to

The rules for setting up archives are an administrative nightmare, with restrictions that it cannot be downloaded, paused, rewound, or fast-forwarded and each show segment must be a minimum of five hours long.
Plus the reporting requirements include reporting the IP address of each listener to each song.

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