Fresno Archives Project

Fresno Arts Council Logo KFCF and the Fresno Free College Foundation received a grant from the Fresno Arts Council to do a restoration project on our audio archives. These tapes were decaying due to a faulty tape formulation that was turning the tape into a gooey mess that made it near impossible to play the tape. Using a baking and digitization process we have now converted most of these libraries to a digital format. KFCF will be placing some of these treasures on-line for our members and listeners to stream.

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From the menu below, select the program from the archives you would like to hear and then press "Play" to load your choice into our audio player...

The 11th Anniversary of the Wild Blue Yonder featuring Coleman Head
The Seeger Troupe Part 1 - recorded in 1976
The Seeger Troupe Part 2 - recorded in 1976
The Seeger Troupe Part 3 - recorded in 1976
Kate Wolf and Utah Phillips - recorded at Roger Rocka's Music Hall in 1983
Bill Price (Yorkshire, England) - recorded at the Wild Blue Yonder in 1979
Oak, Ash and Thorne - recorded at the Tower House in 1983
Fresno saxophonist Don Weed - recorded in Fresno in 1982
Fresno's own Mojo Symphony from a live KFCF broadcast at the Wild Blue Yonder in 1979
John Baker from a KFCF Live show "Just Playin' Folk" in 1983
Carmaig DeForest from a Wild Blue Yonder performance in 1988
Ars Antiqua De Paris - Northwest Church 1985
The Kingston Trio from the Fresno Convention Center in 1967
Count Basie Orchestra - Fresno Memorial Auditorium in 1966