KFCF Activist Alerts

1968 Protest at Fresno State



If you know of a protest march, action or other related item, send it to rwithers@kfcf.org

  • It’s resumed- The Congressman Nunes Weekly Protest Every  Tuesday from  11:45 am – 12:45 pm

This  is a noon-time peace, prayer and solidarity vigil in front of Congressman Devin Nunes Office in Clovis. If you attend, please respect the purpose of peaceful prayer, reflection and civil dis-obedience. Corner of 3rd St and Clovis Ave in downtown Clovis.

“Bev and I want to thank you for attending the Tuesday Vigil in the past and encourage you to join us again for the Fall Season of peaceful protest outside of Devin Nunes office in Clovis.  We know this is going to be a “long haul” all the way to November 2018 and we want to keep the momentum we created during the last six months.  I am guessing over 2-3 hundred cars pass by our intersection within the hour that we are there.  You can just imagine, over the next 14 months, how many people we can reach.  We also are noticing many, many more motorists honking their horns.  We are making a difference!”– Dave