KFCF Activist Alerts

KFCF activist alert

If you know of a protest march, action or other related item, send it to rwithers@kfcf.org

This is a KFCF  Activist Alert



Fresno County Public Defender’s Office hosts  <span “, sans-serif; color: rgb(56, 56, “>

<span “, “>A demonstration in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

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Monday, June 8th at 12pm (noon)
2135 Fresno St, Fresno CA 93721

Masks, social distancing, non-violence and peace are required

<span “, sans-serif; color: rgb(56, 56, “>The Fresno County Public Defender’s Office, in conjunction with Public Defender’s Offices across the State, is coordinating a demonstration in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement to stand against systemic inequality and the disproportionate incidents of police brutality against black bodies.<span “, sans-serif; color: rgb(56, 56, “>

We invite all community organizations and residents of the County who want to stand, kneel, and march in solidarity to join us and to collectively say that #EnoughIsEnough!

<span “, “>Fresno County Public Defenders Facebook page

Please distribute widely.<span “, sans-serif; color: rgb(56, 56, “>