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Here are some stories we covered :

The Pacifica Evening News: Obit: George “Elfie” Ballis Sep 27, 2010 Obit: George “Elfie” Ballis. George “Elfie” Ballis, photographer, organizer, and chronicler of Fresno’s progressive movement died last Friday. He was 85 years old. Mike Rhodes Reports from Fresno.   The Pacifica Evening News: Peace Fresno Protests F.B.I. Raids   Jan 26, 2011 held a protest in front of the Federal Building in Fresno yesterday joining the national call to stop abuses of the civil rights of peace activists by the FBI and grand juries. Mike Rhodes Reports from Fresno.

UC Merced Leads Research on Climate Change Effects University of California Merced is the newest research university in the state. Research being done there is playing an increasing role in seeking solutions to important regional problems — like climate change. Vic Bedoian reports.

The Pacifica Evening News: Local Officials Sue State Over Jul 19, 2011 in annual property tax revenues that would have gone to redevelopment to other state services. Central Valley officials gathered in Clovis to make their case for local redevelopment projects. Vic Bedoian reports.   UN Investigator Raps Central Valley for Water Contamination Mar 04, 2011 Catarina de Albuquerque said many private wells don’t adhere to federal requirements for testing for contamination. Meanwhile state lawmakers have introduced legislation to make the human right to water a state law. Vic Bedoian reports   Central Valley Farmers Warn Industrial Agriculture Is Not Sustainable Feb 18, 2011 California’s Central Valley gave birth to industrial-style agriculture. But some farmers are rethinking that approach. Vic Bedoian reports on a conference focused on ways to develop sustainable agriculture that can preserve the EPA Gives Go-Ahead to Avenal Power Plant Mar 16, 2011 plant near the Central Valley town of Avenal. The proposed 600 megawatt facility is seven miles from Kettleman City, a community already under stress from polluted air and environmentally caused illness. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno. https//   Environmental Activists Confront EPA Chief Mar 24, 2011 Administrator Lisa Jackson paid a visit to the San Joaquin Valley Wednesday. She met with local farmers and heard from community activists about environmental health problems affecting valley residents. Vic Bedoian filed this report.   The Pacifica Evening News: Federal Jury Awards Damages to Chicken May 27, 2011 A federal jury in Sacramento has ruled that massive air pollution from the chicken waste of a factory egg farm was a nuisance. The jury awarded neighboring residents $500000. Vic Bedoian reports.   The Pacifica Evening News: Global Warming To Hit California Hard Jun 03, 2011 California stands to suffer the most of any state from increasing ozone levels in coming years due to global climate change. That’s the conclusion of a new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Vic Bedoian reports