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Thanks for donating during our spring 2017 pledge drive.

Despite a slow start, contributions the final few days got KPFA/KFCF within a couple of percent of their goal.  If you received a come-back letter or renewal notice, you can still contribute….

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Mark Your Calendars:

June 3, 2017 6 PM
KFCF Americana Festival

Lance Canales
The “T Sisters” (Photo by Elena Kolikova)

Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Golden Grass

Engelmann Cellars in Fresno

3275 North Rolinda
Fresno, CA 93723
Located just 4 miles West of Hwy 99 and Shaw Ave. Head West on Shaw Ave. 4 miles past Hwy 99 then left on Rolinda. Engelmann Cellars is 1.75 miles from Shaw on the right hand side of the road. Look for the windmill. Or west on Hwy 180 past the end of the highway and North on Rolinda.

Bring your kids, parents, neighbors, blankets, chairs, frizbees, footballs, snacks (or purchase from our food trucks).

No Outside Beverages or Ice – All bags including chair bags will be checked
We now sell ice in venue.  No liquids including water. We have free water and bottled water for sale. All of our vendors also sell non-alcoholic beverages.
No tables of any size. Only blankets and lawn chairs are allowed.

No Beer allowed or available- Liquor license prohibits beer at the site.
No Pets Allowed

Fresno Free College Foundation
Annual Banquet

OCTOBER 21, 2017

Our Speaker will be David Cay Johnston, author of “The Making of Donald Trump“.

You’ve heard him on Letters and  Politics. Democracy Now, Ideas on the Edge and have seen him on The Rachel Maddow Show, All In with Chris Hayes, CNN and  other media.  More info coming soon


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Updated April 13, 2017 with new actions

Wednesdays at 5 PM




Join Professor Eissinger every Wednesday evening at 5pm for an hour-long discussion about the big-picture issues and how to mount an effective, purposeful, and lasting resistance to racism, bigotry, and misogyny. In the new era of the so-called Alt-Right (white supremacists & neo-Nazis), every voice matters.  April 19th: Earth Day  & March for Science
More info: http://meissinger.com/the-struggle.html

Thanks to all who came to the KFCF Website Inauguration Party

On Saturday, January 28, we  had fun, wine, raised some money for KFCF and saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones too! The Soul Kitchen did a live broadcast, people played darts with the Donald Trump Dartboard, we had a ribbon cutting, chatted, snacked and watched Muffin, the canine Roomba clean up anything that was dropped. KFCF is planning more events in the coming year.

 FFCF/KFCF 2016-2017 Financial Statement

Our 2015-16 Financial Report is at: KFCF 2015-2016 Financial Report

A few radio shows we liked:

On this episode of Reveal, three stories of men are at the center of controversy.

He’s been punched on the streets of Washington, D.C., and kicked out of a major conservative political gathering, and yet white nationalist Richard Spencer has left Montana to set up shop in the nation’s capital. What does he have to show for it?

Nearly 30 years ago, six firefighters in Kansas City, Missouri, died in an arson explosion that shook the city. Reveal follows a man in the case who was sent to prison for life as he’s released and reunited with his family

A Marine veteran breaks the news of hundreds – possibly thousands – of naked photographs of female service members being shared online. We hear his story.

Next to the air we breathe, it’s the planet’s most precious resource: fresh water. And it’s disappearing. The world’s largest food company describes the lack of water as a looming catastrophe that is expected to play out in the coming decades. In this episode of Reveal, we look at what’s happening in places that already are running out of water.

On a recent REVEAL on KFCF, water in the Valley and around the world were discussed. Here is the audio from that show:
Show Open
Yemen could be the future.

The San Joaquin Valley is sinking….

Meat Production takes massive amounts of water

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