KFCF Arts, Music and Culture Fund

 If you donate to the KFCF Music and Arts Program Fund an acknowledgment of your donation  will be included in promos that air adjacent to the type(s) of programming the fund supports.

Each $100 contributed will add your donation acknowledgment to the announcements for a month. Mentions of contributors will rotate and will be adjacent to locally produced or aired shows. (KPFA shows are not included.)

Acknowledgments must comply with FCC rules and regulations, and are not advertising. Announcements may include the name of the contributor, such as an individual, couple or family, a community/local business or non-profit  organization, plus limited information that clarifies the identity of the donor.

An example announcement might be:
“Support for this Program comes from the KFCF Music and Arts Program Fund.  Contributors include Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, The Fresno Urban Legend  Foundation and listeners like you.”

For more information, contact KFCF at rwithers@kfcf.org or call us at (559)233-2221