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About the KFCF News Stringer Project

The News Stringer Project is a collaboration between KFCF and the KPFA News Department to create a funding base for Valley-based journalists to file regular reports on Valley news and events for the Pacifica Evening News.

The Pacifica Evening News is a comprehensive, one-hour, state-wide daily news program bringing together the news gathering resources of Pacifica stations KPFA in Berkeley, KFCF in Fresno and KPFK in Los Angeles, and broadcasting to three-quarters of California.

The San Joaquin Valley is, in many important ways, California’s new frontier. This is especially true about reporting on the natural and human environment. The geography defines our lives. A broad agricultural valley bounded by mountain ranges. It’s a place where water is the lifeblood of natural ecosystems and of industry. Civilization made possible and driven by natural resource exploitation in myriad forms – water, soil, trees, rocks and air.

Valley resources are forged into products by the blood, sweat and tears and ingenuity of its people. The Valley simultaneously looks backward and forward, in a region where world-class innovation and third-world class conflict can awkwardly endure side-by-side. Telling the Valley’s stories will hopefully contribute to a deeper understanding by all Californians about people events that shape our collective future.

The News Stringer Fund is made possible because of generous donations beyond membership made by listener-sponsors of KFCF Radio.

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About News Stringer Project Reporter Vic Bedoian

Vic Bedoian (

Vic Bedoian is a freelance journalist based in the California Heartland. Vic works primarily in radio news, covering natural resource issues in the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding mountain areas, such as water, food and farming, climate change, environmental justice, and Sierra Nevada ecology. Vic grew up in the San Joaquin Valley on a vineyard near Fresno and graduated from Fresno City College and the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Physics.

Most of his radio experience has been with Pacifica Radio. From 1972 – 1977, he was a Staff Producer at KPFA-FM, responsible for reporting, producing news broadcasts, and crafting documentary presentations on a wide range of topics and breaking news stories. From 1977 – 1982 and again from 1989 – 1996, Vic managed his family farm near Sanger, and was a frequent correspondent for KPFA Radio, reporting on news and issues of importance in the region.

He also produced The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, a monthly program from KFCF focusing on environmental topics. From 1996 – 2008 Vic was General Manager and Program Director of KFCF-FM and Executive Director of the Fresno Free College Foundation.

News Stringer Project Stories

October 2019 Stories

10-1-19     Environmental Advocates Dismayed by SB1 Veto

[player id=6031]

10-2-19     Climate Strike Events Focus on Regional Challenges

[player id=6033]

10-10-19   Briceburg Fire Spreads in Merced Canyon

[player id=6042]

10-23-19   Feds to Send More Delta Water to Valley Farmers

[player id=6041]

10-25-19   Fresno Police Embroiled in Another Shooting Controversy

[player id=6036]

10-29-19  Fresno Residents Protest Police Killings,Call for Federal Investigation

[player id=6038]

September 2019 Stories

9-5     Growers Pin Hopes on Far Reaching Blueprint

[player id=6019]

9-19    Fresno Leaders Support DACA

[player id=6039]

9-20    EJ Groups Battle Climate Change One Refinery at a Time

[player id=6031]

9-23    Fresno Climate Strike Focuses on Valley Issues

[player id=6043]

9-26    Kern County Oil Fields Leak Produced Water to Nearby Aquifers

[player id=6034]