KFCF Program Guide


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Against The Grain - Politics, Society and economics.
Across The Great Divide - Political folk music with Kevin Vance
Africa Today - News and analysis from the African diaspora.
Alternative Radio - A weekly progressive radio program heard on more than 150 stations worldwide.
America’s Back 40 - Folk music from the hicks coast to coast.
Apex Express - Music and news from Asians and Pacific Islanders.
Art Attack - Host Janet Alexander Flores chats with a variety of artists that are represented here in Central California.
Bay Native Circle - A program about Native American issues, people, and music.
Bioneers - Social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions for people and planet.
Behind The News - A look at Economics with Doug Henwood.
The Bonnie Simmons Show - Folk, rock, and new music.
Climate One - Round-table on climate issues from KQED FM.
Common Ground - Explores the rich tapestry of diversity.
Cover to Cover - Author interviews and literature.

Dead to The World - A program dedicated to the music of the Grateful Dead and friends.
Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman with national news and interviews.
Discreet Music - A program featuring mew experimental music.
Down on the Farm - Hosted by California Certified Organic Farmer Tom Willey, who grew crops on a family-owned farm in Madera.
Earthbeat - A World Music Collage.
EcoShock Radio - Alex Smith with a look at major environmental issues.
Economic Update - Richard Wolff on economics.
Exploration - Dr. Michio Kaku on the realms of science.
Fair Housing: It's The Law - Fresno Fair Housing Central California discuss the legal issues in the world of housing.
Flashpoints - Investigative news and interviews
Gospel Experience - A program featuring Gospel music as well as news.
Hard Knock Radio - Davey D. with politics and Hip Hop.
Hear and Now - Folk, rock and new music with Derk Richardson
Interstellar Lounge - Spacey, Ambient Trance Music.
It's a Queer Thang - Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Queer, Transgender and Questioning issues and music.
Jazz :America’s Music - Jazz from America’s song book.
Living Room - Kris Welch with politics and discussion.
LA Theatre Works - Outstanding radio drama series.
Le Show - A national humorous show with satirist Harry Shearer.

Left Of The Dial - Three hours of new Indie, Post-Punk, Coldwave and Darkwave with Matt D.
Letters and Politics - National and State news interviews with Mitch Jeserich.
Musical Colors - Jazz in all it's forms.
Music of The World - Diving into the realms of world music.
Nuestro Foro - (Spanish) with journalist Eduardo Stanley.
Off The Beaten Path - Jazz.
Pacifica Evening News - National, state, and local news in depth.
Piano Music - A lot that’s Bach and a lot that’s not with Larry Bensky.
Pig In A Pen/Panhandle Country -Bluegrass or Western Swing and country music.

Planetary Society - Bill Nye the Science Guy and others discus astronomy.

Reggae Express -Go with the flow reggae music mix.

Reveal - Investigative journalism from PRX and The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Science: A Candle In The Dark - Ulrike Muller, Madhu Katti and Central Valley Café Scientifique’s radio show on Science.

SeaChange Radio - A show focused on Sustainability for the environment.

Sing Out! - Folk music, often live from the KPFA studio.

Soul Kitchen - The Blues Doctor with R&B era music 
served easy side up, just the way you like it.
Speaking Truth to Empire -Speaking Truth to Empire-Dan Yaseen interviews authors, scholars, bloggers, and activists who are opposed to American Imperialism.
 Stir It Up: Community Alliance - Features interviews with activists.

Stir It Up: Fresno Center for Nonviolence - Features interviews with guests involved in issues related to our purpose.

Stir It Up: Peace Fresno -Informs listeners of events, actions, and issues related to Peace Fresno's mission: ending war.

Stir It Up: (WILPF) - National issues and study groups, such as water, the Middle East, the Environment and Corporations vs. Democracy. 
The Sunday Show - National News and Public Affairs.

This American Life - Looking at America with Ira Glass.

UnderCurrents Weekend Radio - Gregg McVicar with deep album tracks, Native American music, Americana, and world music.

UpFront - Interviews with the news-makers.

Uprising - Independent news analysis, investigation, education, artistic expression, and activism.

Visionary Activist - Myth, magic, astrology and social activism.

Voices of The Middle East - News and interviews.

Wasteland of the Free - A tapestry of musical genres news about upcoming shows and a thematic approach to musical content.

Women’s Magazine - Women’s news and issues.

Yokuts Valley - Host Lance Canales with a sample of music from local musicians, both Native American and others.
Your Own Health and Fitness - Health issues, GMOs, radiation and dangers of power, WiFi and smart-meters
Plus all sorts of music and more overnights.

Revised 9-14-2020.