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The Fresno Free College Foundation seeks professional quality radio programming that reflects diverse viewpoints not likely to be aired on other broadcast media. Programming that reflects the views of under-represented ethnic groups, social justice groups and environmental groups based in the Central Valley are of particular interest. If you are interested in committing to serious programming, we are interested in you. The information we seek will help us decide whether your ideas fit into the programming mix. In addition, we need to be assured of your financial and technical commitment. If you don’t have radio experience, do not be deterred. We will find a way to help you if we like your idea or see that it fills needs. However, we need detailed information to make good decisions. You should think through your proposal carefully. Consequently, this form is designed to help you plan, give you ideas about what to think about as part of your proposal process and for us to  figure out how to use your idea, if we can.

Our decision process is straightforward. Your proposal is read and screened by our programming committee, which is made of up of  board members. Others on the board may read the proposal. The program committee will make a decision whether to present the proposal to the program director, or send it back to you for revision, or reject the proposal. Returned proposals can be reworked and resubmitted.

This programming list is exhaustive, but we hope not exhausting. Do not be discouraged by its length or its complexity. Work through it as best you can and give us as much information as you have available. If we have specific questions, we may send it back. We do not want this list to discourage willing and able programmers from submitting proposals. On the other hand, we want you to think carefully about what you want to do, and we want sufficient information to make an informed and fair decision. Some of your answers may be “Not Applicable” or one sentence.

KFCF Program Proposal

  • Personal Information:
  • Name: 
  • Address:
  • Program Host(s):                 
  • Program Engineer(s):                     
  • Engineering Training Needed?  (Yes/No)
  • Program Producer(s):
  • Name:
  • Phone:                                         Email:
  • Program description:
  • What is the objective of your program?
  • Length of proposed program?
  • Duration of series? 
  • Where will this program be produced – KFCF or elsewhere?
  • How much KFCF studio time will be needed to produce program?
  • What, if any, cost are associated with the production of your program?   
  • What, if any, resources will you request from KFCF?
  •  Do you intend to seek funding for the program?
  • What experience and skills do you bring to KFCF?
  • Promotion and Evaluation:
  • How will the program be promoted?
  • How will you measure whether you achieved your objective?
  • Describe the contribution this program will make to the community?
  • How do you plan to handle vacations, illness or other absences?
  • Include additional pages if more space is necessary.  Send  the proposal to: Program Director/KFCF/PO Box 4364/Fresno, CA 93744

Sign, date, and send your proposal to:

Program Director –  KFCF, P.O. Box 4364, Fresno California 93744.

You can also hand deliver it to the office, located on the southwest corner of Wishon and Pine, just a few blocks north of the Tower Theater.  Or you can email your proposal(s) to

Program Proposal Guidelines Updated 8/4/2008
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