FFCF Minutes and Financials

FFCF/KFCF Board Minutes

FFCF Board Meeting

(virtual) 9/15/20


In attendance: ​​ Rych Withers (ED), Missy McKai Cartier, Mike Beevers (chair), Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Gigi Pavlovich, Gerry Bill, John Reed, Gabriel Suarez, Rick  ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Flores (joined meeting at 7:30).

Absent: ​​ Cindy Hoopes, Scott​​ Jones


  • Agenda: ​​ Missy moved, Gabriel seconded, approval of agenda; motion carried

  • Minutes: ​​ Defer July minutes until next meeting

  • Reports: ​​ No PNA or Governance Committee reports; pull Budget & Fundraising from Consent Calendar:

  • Budget Report (Gerry): ​​ We just concluded the fiscal year. ​​ Didn’t get much from KPFA so far. ​​ We normally get about $90,000 from KPFA for the year; only got $60,000, but we did well with local subscriptions (about $65,000). ​​ Haven’t got money from KPFA’s recent marathon. ​​ They exceeded their goal. ​​ Per Rych, we raised about $3000 in the past week for help with restoring the transmitter. ​​ Missy noted that Gigi is doing a great job on Facebook.

  • Fundraising/Outreach (Gigi): ​​ We’re increasing our Twitter following. ​​ Our latest Facebook count is 1778. ​​ Next pledge drive is 9//22-10/9. ​​ The on-air banquet is set for 11/14 at 7 p.m. ​​ We’ll try to have some virtual soirees first. ​​ Need dates for speakers, and currently all scheduled are male. ​​ Would like to have some women. ​​ Vic will try to contact Laurie Garrett who’s written books on pandemics. ​​ Could also ask Sonali Kulhatkar. ​​ Each will have about 30 minutes of speaker talk and 15 minutes of questions.  ​​ ​​​​ Planning to ask for $20-25 donation. ​​ Last week was Community Alliance’s virtual banquet. ​​ They asked $50. ​​ Discussion of price to charge: ​​ Gabriel would like us to charge a lower per person price to encourage more to participate. ​​ For pledge drive, can offer free participation in a soiree for a $50 donation or more. ​​ Mitch Jeserich did an on-line test by interviewing Sabrina Jacobs. ​​ Their format needed work; a good moderator is necessary. ​​ Sue will send the Zoom instructions the Court sends out with on line court hearing information. ​​ For the banquet, will send out an e-mail invitation. ​​ KFCF is using Eventbrite for ticket sales. ​​ Tim Pozar helped set up the company. ​​ Rych will look into that. ​​ In lieu of an on-line auction, we may offer holiday gift​​ packages for purchase. ​​ So far​​ what’s been committed is Teresa Petty’s legal services, a basket of baked goods from John Reed, and Gabriel’s Star Wars package. ​​ Want all board members to come up with one gift package to sell for the holidays.Need to reschedule the rehearsal with Jim Boren. ​​ Vic will host. ​​ Need a moderator to control Zoom.

  • Old Business: ​​ No update on the Fresno State Vavoulis nomination. ​​ Re: the Governance Committee, Cindy will call a meeting next week. ​​ Missy’s proposal​​ for changing terms of Board policies passed unanimously​​ in July.

FFCF Board Meeting (Virtual)



In attendance:Mike Beevers (Chair), Vic Bedoian, Scott Jones, John Reed, Rick Flores, Missy​​ McKai​​ Cartier, Cindy Hoopes, Gerry Bill, Sue Kern

Excused Absence:Gigi Pavlovich, Gabriel Suarez


  • Agenda: ​​ passed without objection

  • Minutes of 6/16/20: ​​ Item 1 (Agenda), remove third “r” from “Gerrry.” ​​ Also, the Governance committee DOES have a Secretary (Gerry), who’s now gotten the minutes to Cindy. ​​ With those corrections, approval of minutes passed without objection.

  • Consent Calendar: ​​ Pull Budget and Finance Reports.

  • Reports:

A: Budget: ​​ Got 2nd​​ $30,000 check from KPFA, but if we don’t get more by the end of August, we’ll be short. ​​ Rych replenished the Ananda Fund but we still owe $20,000 to the Special Fund. ​​ We have no subscriber information from KPFA for March through June.

B.Fundraising: ​​ Set the Banquet date for 11/14/20 (though the election might not be decided by then). ​​ Teresa will do a full Estate Plan worth $2500. ​​ Rick will provide a produce basket. ​​ Need to specify how people will get things they purchase.

5.Old Business:

A.No update on Vavoulis nomination.

B.Free Speech award: ​​ One proposal is NAACP/Black Lives Matter.

6.New Business:

A.Governance Proposals: ​​ 

i.Rights & Responsibilities of Programmers: ​​ Cindy wants to see Station Handbook first to compare. ​​ Thinks the new proposal ties management hands too much. ​​ Rick opined that we can’t assume programmers are going to destroy the station. ​​ Gerry noted that he sent a document to the board comparing his language and the language in the existing Station Handbook. ​​ The consensus after discussion was to bring issue back to the Governance Committee. ​​ Gerry will re-send his comparison document, and Cindy will let people know what a meeting is scheduled.

ii.Policy on remote meetings: ​​ Missy has concerns about subsection (c). ​​ Scott noted in relation to subsection (c) that you can have more than one host, and the host and chair can share control. ​​ Will send it back to the Governance Committee to amend the language.

iii.Missy’s proposal: ​​ on how to propose amendments to bylaws, policy manual, etc. ​​ Want to change paragraph 4 to say that proposal must make clear that it is a wholly new proposal and to​​ strike the part about having the entire proposal highlighted in red or italicized. ​​ Missy then moved to approve with that change. ​​ Sue 2nded. ​​ Motion carried.

Next Meeting: ​​ Mike proposes we take a COVID 19 vacation and cancel the August Board meeting. ​​ There also won’t be a Budget Committee meeting in August, but other committees may meet.


FFCF Board Meeting: ​​ 6/16/20 (Via Zoom)

In attendance: ​​ Mike Beevers (board chair), Rych Withers (ED), Rick Flores, Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Cindy Hoopes, Missy McKai Cartier, Gigi Pavlovich, Gerry Bill, Gabriel Suarez, John Reed, Sue Kern (secretary)

Excused Absence: Scott Jones

  • Agenda: ​​ Gerry added adoption of the two proposed Governance policies to Old Business. ​​ Cindy asked to postpone that discussion since copies of the proposed policies were just sent out. ​​ Gerry is the Governance Committee Secretary but didn’t get minutes to Cindy before this meeting. ​​​​ Gerry noted the proposed polices were sent to everyone by e-mail on 5/26/20 and 6/4/20. ​​ After discussion, it was agreed that the policies would be part of the board packet for the next meeting and Cindy will confirm that they’re in the packet. ​​ Missy asked that the board adopt a policy that when submitting revised Board policies, changes be highlighted in red, and if portions are being deleted, the “strike out” form is used. ​​ She will draft a proposed policy on submitting changes to existing policies. Gabriel noted that he hadn’t gotten recent board e-mails. ​​ Rych will check the Board list serve and Gabriel will check his spam folder. ​​ Gigi moved to adopt the agenda as written. ​​ Rick 2nded; motion carried.


  • Minutes of 5/19/20: ​​ Gerry noted that the 2nd​​ sentence in item 6(a) should be “can,” not “and.” With that correction, minutes approved without objection. ​​ 


  • Consent Agenda: ​​ Pull Budget & Fundraising.

  • Budget (see written report): ​​ Still haven’t had a check from KPFA. ​​ We currently have $6000 in checking account. ​​ Rych talked to KPFA today and they cut a check for $30,000 last week, but only got it signed today. ​​ Ananda Fund should be $26,000 (we borrowed $10,000), and we borrowed $20,000 from the Special Fund. ​​ If KPFA funds come in we’ll replenish Ananda and maybe part of the Special Fund.

  • Fundraising (see written report): ​​ This is KFCF’s 45th​​ Anniversary and we also want to commemorate Alex Vavoulis on his passing. ​​ Vic will record a special announcement on Alex to air. ​​ Gigi has written some fundraising pitches that she’d like Board members to record for airing. ​​ We need to raise between $10,000 and $15,000 per month. ​​ We’re considering an on-air Radio Banquet (“Food for Thought”). ​​ Jim Boren is open to recording a talk. ​​ Need to pick a date and investigate the possibility of an on-line auction. ​​ Rych has looked at a few options and one site charges 4-5% of what’s raised. ​​ Gabriel suggested looking into Facebook Market. ​​ Sue asked that everyone try to get a big ticket item to donate. ​​ Can pre-advertise the items. ​​ Rych got a response from other radio stations who have done on-line auctions and has sent the information to the Fundraising Committee. ​​ Could get a “Banquet to Go” box from local​​ restaurants, and can open the silent auction a few days in advance of the banquet. ​​ Gabriel has a $100 Star Wars gift basket to offer. ​​ It was agreed that we’ll choose a date at the next board meeting.


  • Old Business: ​​ Vavoulis nomination: ​​ Nothing new from Fresno State. ​​ Vic will lobby them to award Alex posthumously.​​ 


  • New Business: None.


Without objection, meeting adjourned.​​ 



FFCF Board Meeting: ​​ 5/19/20 (Via Zoom)

In attendance: ​​ Mike Beevers (board chair), Rych Withers (ED), Rick Flores, Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Cindy Hoopes, Missy McKai Cartier, Gigi Pavlovich, Gerry Bill, Scott Jones, John Reed, Sue Kern (secretary)

Absent: Gabriel Suarez

Guests: ​​ There were numerous guests in attendance in relation to the item on suspension of Speaking Truth to Empire.

Before the meeting began there was discussion about whether meetings could be held electronically under our current bylaws and state law. ​​ Rych noted that our current bylaws don’t specifically allow electronic meetings. ​​ Scott noted that the California Corporation’s Code is silent on meetings off non-profit boards of directors. ​​ Mike moved and Sue seconded considering this an official meeting in light of the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic. ​​ Motion carried. ​​ Gerry moved; Scott seconded recording the meeting on Zoom. ​​ Motion carried.


 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 1.Agenda: ​​ Gerry asked to add to New Business protocol for holding on-line​​ ​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ meetings. ​​ Without objection, the agenda as amended was approved.


  • Minutes of 2/18/20: ​​ Gerry moved to approve Cindy seconded; Scott abstained. ​​ Motion to approve minutes carried.


  • Public Comment: ​​ Each speaker was given a 2 minute limit; Gigi kept time.  ​​​​ Numerous comments were made concerning the importance and quality of Speaking Truth to Empire. ​​ The comments were recorded and the recording is available by request.


  • Consent Agenda: ​​ Pull Budget & Fundraising.

  • Budget (see written report): ​​ We borrowed $20,000 from the Special Fund​​ 

and then $10,000 from Ananda Fund. ​​ Haven’t received any check from KPFA since November. ​​ Currently have between $14,000 and $15,000 in the bank. ​​ Rick noted that KPFA states on air that funds pledged from our area go directly to KFCF when that’s not completely accurate. ​​ Missy noted that our income is 84% of last YTD while are expenses are at 93% of the budgeted amount. ​​ Rych stated that $1500 was raised today on Rick’s show, and that Maria told him we got about $4500 in March and $5600 in April. ​​ They probably owe us about $32,000 and they’ll owe more after the current pledge drive ends. ​​ Rych sent out renewal letters and got some angry phone calls that they had just donated on KPFA (we haven’t gotten KPFA’s updated records for awhile).

  • Fundraising (see written report): ​​ Will use sponsorship slots to thank past sponsors, since several of our past sponsors aren’t currently open for business. ​​ Regarding this year’s banquet, the Committee proposes doing a “virtual” banquet and calling it something like “Food for Thought.” ​​ We can still have the speaker (Jim Boren) speak, and can either air it on air and ask people to donate throughout the event, or put it on some kind of electronic platform that people have to donate to listen to.


  • Old Business: ​​ Vavoulis nomination: ​​ It’s in CSUF’s hands but they probably haven’t been able to meet due to the pandemic.


  • New Business:​​ 

  • Gerry proposed a bylaw amendment to expressly allow and set rules for holding a Board meeting remotely. ​​ Either the President or Vice President​​ can​​ propose to hold a remote meeting. ​​ But since the public must be able to access meetings, would need to figure out how to make a link available to anyone asking to attend. ​​ Don’t want to post the password for participation in a meeting on the website and it’s not practical to send it to everyone on the list serve. ​​ There has to be a way members of the public can request to join the meeting and have the link sent to them. ​​ Rych noted that this kind of bylaw amendment wouldn’t require a vote of all members since it doesn’t affect members’​​ powers. ​​ Cindy, as Chair of the Governance Committee, agreed to take it up there and refine it.

  • COVID 19 Reopening Plan: ​​ Some programmers want to come into the station with guests. ​​ Some programmers, including Rick, Tom Willey and Phil, have been coming in to record or air their shows live. ​​ Vic noted that both the CDC and the County have posted guidelines. ​​ Vic proposed, and Cindy agreed, that we should leave it to Rych to decide and revisit the question next month. ​​ Gerry added that Rych can say that the Board is behind Rych moving slowly on reopening, and tell programmers who complain that the Board doesn’t want Rych to move too fast.

  • Gerry’s proposed policy on rights and duties of programmers (written proposal was included in the agenda). ​​ Mike and Rych asked that the discussion be moved into closed session. ​​ Cindy proposed that it go to the Governance Committee first for review. ​​ Rych wanted to compare the Board policy manual to the programmers manual to make sure both documents are consistent. ​​ Mike moved and Gigi seconded moving the discussion to closed session. ​​ Motion carried, and the guests were cut off from the Zoom meeting. ​​ Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the proposed policy would go to the Governance Committee for fine tuning. ​​ Cindy will contact everyone to schedule a Governance Committee meeting.

Without objection, meeting adjourned.​​ 


FFCF Board Meeting: ​​ 2/18/20


In attendance: ​​ Mike Beevers (board chair), Rych Withers (ED), Rick Flores​​ (late), Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Cindy Hoopes, Gabriel Suarez, Missy McKai Cartier, Gigi Pavlovich, Gerry Bill, Sue Kern (secretary), Teresa Petty Jones (guest)


Excused absence: Scott Jones, John Reed


  • Agenda: ​​ Add posting of approved minutes. ​​ With that addition, agenda approved without objection.


  • Minutes of 1/21/20: ​​ Minutes adopted without objection.


  • Consent Agenda: ​​ Pull Budget & Fundraising.

  • Fundraising (see written report): ​​ Need Board members to be looking for events we could table. ​​ Sue will check the community calendar. ​​ Meet and Greet suggestions: ​​ Meet & Greet for News Stringer Fund with guests Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Mitch Jeserich. ​​ This could be in March or April. ​​ Vic will see when KPFA people are available and will try for 4/4/20. ​​ Centro La Familia has already agreed to do one in June. ​​ Would be helpful to have someone from the Organization interviewed before hand on a local show. ​​ Lawrence Lessig has also agreed to speak. ​​ For the banquet, Jim Boren has agreed to speak. ​​ Rych will be looking for dates with the Armenian Church. ​​ Gabriel has been communicating with Cornell West’s staff and has made an offer of $2500 for him to speak. ​​ Gabriel also suggests Glenn ford as a possibility. ​​ Vic proposed that we set a date and confirm either Boren or Cornell West if he agrees to the fee. ​​ Gerry moves that we authorize the Fundraising Committee to decide. ​​ Missy seconds. ​​ Motion carries.  ​​​​ Possible venues for other types of speaking events include the UCSF Center on Shaw and First, the UU Church and the Big Red Church.

  • Budget (see written report): ​​ Had a good amount of local funds come in in December. ​​ Last KPFA payment was $30,000 in November. ​​ Rych had to borrow $20,000 from the Special Fund. ​​ We owe KPFA about $12,000 for 18 months of satellite, administrative fees, etc. ​​ KPFA owes over $400,000 in back property taxes since they haven’t filed for a non-profit exemption since 2013, and can only seek retroactive exemption for up to 3 years.


  • Old Business: ​​ Vavoulis nomination: ​​ Vic is taking the packet to the FSU President tomorrow.


  • New Business:​​ 

  • Posting of approved minutes: ​​ Secretary will sign a copy for the file and will start posting each month’s minutes after they’re approved. ​​ Rych will send her instructions.

Without objection, meeting adjourned.​​ 


FFCF Board Meeting: ​​ 1/21/20


In attendance: ​​ Mike Beevers (board chair), Rych Withers (ED), Rick Flores, Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Cindy Hoopes, Gabriel Suarez, John Reed, Missy McKai Cartier, Scott Jones, Gerry Bill, Sue Kern (secretary), Teresa Petty Jones (guest)

Excused absence: Gigi Pavlovich


  • Agenda: ​​ Add AB5 (new law on independent contractors). ​​ Without objection, agenda adopted.


  • Minutes of 11/19/19: ​​ Correction: ​​ Gabriel vs. Gabe. ​​ With that correction, minutes adopted without objection.


  • Consent Agenda: ​​ Pull Budget & Fundraising.

  • Budget Report (see written report): ​​ Got $30,000 in November from KPFA and $20,000 in December through local fundraising. ​​ We paid back the special fund. ​​ Next pledge drive starts around 2/8/20. ​​ Rych talked to Quincy re needing updated information. ​​ Maria is working on a new report on money owed and paid. ​​ Currently about half our income is raised locally. ​​ Rych is sending out more renewal notices this week and we just got some updated pledge information from KPFA.

  • Fundraising: ​​ Centro La Familia agreed to participate in a Meet and Greet. ​​ Need to schedule it and ask them to bring people with them. ​​ Can offer some free tickets for their low income clients. ​​ Other ideas for meet and greets: ​​ Gabriel proposes Barrios Unidos. ​​ Want to have a flyer targeting organizations and issues that we highlight. ​​ For banquet speakers, Sue is asking Vandana Shiva and Richard Wolff. ​​ Gabriel is proposing Paul Ortiz. ​​ Scott knows some local lawyers (Dan Jameson and Steven Morris) who have a grant to speak about institutional racism. ​​ Anyone with ideas should ask the person about availability for late October/early November, or a couple of weeks after the election. ​​ RE Free Speech award, there was discussion of whether we should hold it at the banquet or as a separate event. ​​ At the banquet, sometimes the group that comes to hear the awardee leaves right after they speak, but holding it separately limits the # of people who attend. ​​ Teresa suggests announcing the award before and then offer to give it to them at the banquet. ​​ The Board agrees to send the issue back to the Fundraising Committee. ​​ Possible awardees for this year are CAIR, Centro La Familia. ​​ For next meeting, bring suggestions for banquet speakers and Free Speech awardees.  ​​ ​​​​ It was noted that Howard Watkins is moving to Long Beach soon.  ​​​​ Propose a meet and greet in June before he leaves (possibly a going away party where we can do a roast, invite local lawyers and activists, etc.) ​​ Will talk about this at the next Fundraising Meeting.


  • Old Business: ​​ Vavoulis nomination: ​​ Vic has finished the cover letter. ​​ Brought it to Tim Steele (who will do the printing/publishing). ​​ Fresno County library has articles on microfiche. ​​ He’s trying to have all materials ready by the end of the week. ​​ Will have 20 packets printed (some for Alex), and will submit them to Fresno State.


  • New Business: Currently freelance journalists can only submit 35 articles per year before being considered an employee (Vic submitted 50 last year). ​​ The wording in the statute is vague. ​​ Need to research if there’s a “workaround.” ​​ There are pending lawsuits, and another bill (AB 170) is trying to fix it. ​​ Dept. of Labor Standard Enforcement (DLSE) has an “FAQ” page on this. ​​ The ABC test (which includes three factors) currently applies. ​​ If one isn’t met, they’re considered an employee. ​​ KPFA hasn’t figured out what to do yet. ​​ Rych will keep an eye on status of the lawsuits and will update the Board. ​​ Vic could possibly submit 34 articles to KPFA and 34 to KFCF. ​​ 


Without objection, meeting adjourned.




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