FFCF Minutes and Financials

FFCF/KFCF Board Minutes

FFCF Board Meeting: ​​ 1/21/20


In attendance: ​​ Mike Beevers (board chair), Rych Withers (ED), Rick Flores, Vic​​ 

Bedoian, Cindy Hoopes, Gabriel Suarez, John Reed, Missy McKai Cartier, Scott Jones, Gerry Bill, Sue Kern (secretary), Teresa Petty Jones (guest)

Excused absence: Gigi Pavlovich


  • Agenda: ​​ Add AB5 (new law on independent contractors). ​​ Without objection, agenda adopted.


  • Minutes of 11/19/19: ​​ Correction: ​​ Gabriel vs. Gabe. ​​ With that correction, minutes adopted without objection.


  • Consent Agenda: ​​ Pull Budget & Fundraising.

  • Budget Report (see written report): ​​ Got $30,000 in November from KPFA and $20,000 in December through local fundraising. ​​ We paid back the special fund. ​​ Next pledge drive starts around 2/8/20. ​​ Rych talked to Quincy re needing updated information. ​​ Maria is working on a new report on money owed and paid. ​​ Currently about half our income is raised locally. ​​ Rych is sending out more renewal notices this week and we just got some updated pledge information from KPFA.

  • Fundraising: ​​ Centro La Familia agreed to participate in a Meet and Greet. ​​ Need to schedule it and ask them to bring people with them. ​​ Can offer some free tickets for their low income clients. ​​ Other ideas for meet and greets: ​​ Gabriel proposes Barrios Unidos. ​​ Want to have a flyer targeting organizations and issues that we highlight. ​​ For banquet speakers, Sue is asking Vandana Shiva and Richard Wolff. ​​ Gabriel is proposing Paul Ortiz. ​​ Scott knows some local lawyers (Dan Jameson and Steven Morris) who have a grant to speak about institutional racism. ​​ Anyone with ideas should ask the person about availability for late October/early November, or a couple of weeks after the election. ​​ RE Free Speech award, there was discussion of whether we should hold it at the banquet or as a separate event. ​​ At the banquet, sometimes the group that comes to hear the awardee leaves right after they speak, but holding it separately limits the # of people who attend. ​​ Teresa suggests announcing the award before and then offer to give it to them at the banquet. ​​ The Board agrees to send the issue back to the Fundraising Committee. ​​ Possible awardees for this year are CAIR, Centro La Familia. ​​ For next meeting, bring suggestions for banquet speakers and Free Speech awardees.  ​​ ​​​​ It was noted that Howard Watkins is moving to Long Beach soon.  ​​​​ Propose a meet and greet in June before he leaves (possibly a going away party where we can do a roast, invite local lawyers and activists, etc.) ​​ Will talk about this at the next Fundraising Meeting.


  • Old Business: ​​ Vavoulis nomination: ​​ Vic has finished the cover letter. ​​ Brought it to Tim Steele (who will do the printing/publishing). ​​ Fresno County library has articles on microfiche. ​​ He’s trying to have all materials ready by the end of the week. ​​ Will have 20 packets printed (some for Alex), and will submit them to Fresno State.


  • New Business: Currently freelance journalists can only submit 35 articles per year before being considered an employee (Vic submitted 50 last year). ​​ The wording in the statute is vague. ​​ Need to research if there’s a “workaround.” ​​ There are pending lawsuits, and another bill (AB 170) is trying to fix it. ​​ Dept. of Labor Standard Enforcement (DLSE) has an “FAQ” page on this. ​​ The ABC test (which includes three factors) currently applies. ​​ If one isn’t met, they’re considered an employee. ​​ KPFA hasn’t figured out what to do yet. ​​ Rych will keep an eye on status of the lawsuits and will update the Board. ​​ Vic could possibly submit 34 articles to KPFA and 34 to KFCF. ​​ 


Without objection, meeting adjourned.




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