streaming KFCF



KFCF is now streaming 24/7. Playlists can be found at

You also can try going to

KFCF is beta testing a few new streams, which are https:// as many browser are now refusing to connect to http:// websites and streams and will not support it at all soon.

If you are having problems with the links above, you can sample the beat streams, but as we are testing them they may occasionally be unavailable as we work out a few minor glitches.

This first link is for people with limited bandwidth- mono and 48K: 

This one is a stereo higher fidelity at 128K

and for those who really want to test an even higher fidelity link we have an AAC at 320K


High Fidelity Bandwdith Player

This is a higher bandwidth, higher fidelity version for broadband, etc.

You also can try going to

and click on listen icon at top of page


Support for the KFCF webstream comes from Beverly and Chris Schubert.

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