Board of Directors elections 2023

The Foundation owns and operates KFCF-FM in Fresno. The nomination period to run for the Board of The Fresno Free College Foundation will open on Sept 30, 2023 . You must be a current member of the Foundation/KFCF as of Sept 30, 2023 in order to run. If you joined through KPFA or KFCF at $25 or more you are a member. The nomination period closes on October 30, 2023. If you joined via KPFA after August 31, 2023we may not have those records available from KPFA.


  1. A candidate must be a qualified member as defined by the current Bylaws of the Fresno Free College Foundation, which are available at or from the FFCF office. The date of record for eligibility is established as Sept 30 in each election cycle. Questions about eligibility should be addressed to the Foundation offices.
  2. The nomination period shall last 30 days commencing Sept 30, 2023. Completed nomination papers must postmarked or be submitted by hand or email to the Foundation offices no later than 5 PM Oct 31, 2023.
  3. The Executive Director will continue to be an ex-oficio (non-voting) member of the Board, and shall not run for an elected Board seat.
  4. FCC rules prohibit anyone convicted of a felony from being the licensee of a broadcast station, and, since the Board serves as the licensee of KFCF FM, anyone convicted of a felony may not serve. The FCC also restricts how much of a corporation may be foreign owned.
  5. Per Article 3 Section2 of the Bylaws, ” If after the close of nominations the number of people nominated for the Board is not more than the number of directors to be elected, the Corporation may without further action declare that those nominated and qualified to be elected have been elected. The KFCF office is at 1449 N Wishon Ave in Fresno, CA 93728, SW corner of Pine and Wishon. Mailing address is PO Box 4364 Fresno, CA 93744 “
  6. Candidates shall provide, with their nomination papers, brief answers to a set questionnaire prepared by the Election Committee as well as a brief statement of qualifications and vision.
  7. Fresno Free College Foundation contact information will be supplied in nomination packets and on FFCF websites.
  8. If no more candidates are running than seats (i.e. – four seats open and only 4 candidates) the election will be considered completed and no balloting or campaigning will ensue.


  1. The election period shall begin November 1,20223 and last 31 days or until the close of the election. Campaigning is prohibited until November 1st.
  2. All candidates confirmed at the end of the nomination period shall be requested to submit a 1 minute candidate statement to be aired on KFCF during the campaign period. KFCF staff will assist candidates in creating carts for this purpose and carts will be aired on a rotating basis daily during local programming periods.
  3. KFCF will produce and air at least one live candidate forum, which will include calls from listeners to ask questions of the candidates. The date and time will be coordinated by the Election Committee to allow maximum participation. Community groups, should they desire, may host additional public forums, with the requirement that all candidates should be invited and allowed to attend; however candidate participation in such forums shall not be mandatory. Candidates knowingly participating in forums to which all candidates have not been invited shall be disqualified.
  4. Materials submitted by the candidates as part of the nomination process shall be posted on the official KFCF and FFCF websites. This information shall also be distributed with all ballots.
  5. Aside from scheduled forums and carts, all other on-air discussion of the election must be confined to encouraging members to vote.


  1. Paper ballots shall be issued to all eligible members.
  2. If anyone believes they are an eligible member and did not receive a ballot, they can request a ballot from the Foundation Office and will be issued a provisional ballot which will only be counted if their eligibility is confirmed and no other ballot from that individual has been received.
  3. Write-in candidates will be counted provided they are members of record and are otherwise qualified.
  4. Ballots will be distributed with a premarked return envelope. Completed ballots must be returned in this envelope with personalized pre-marking intact.
  5. Ballots may be hand delivered to the station office no later than 5PM on November 30, 2023 or postmarked by November 30, 2023
  6. Ballots will be counted within 10 days of the election and the results posted upon completion of counting and certification by the neutral 3rd party Election Proctor, assuring confidentiality. Any challenges to the Election Proctor’s counting and certification must be communicated in writing to the Board of Directors in a timely manner and as prescribed by law.
  7. Within 60 days of ballot certification, the Board shall vote on whether or not validate the election.
  8. Per Article 3 Section2 of the Bylaws, “If the required quorum of ballots is not received by the Elections Close Date then the Elections Close Date shall be extended by two additional weeks. If no quorum of ballots is obtained by the extended date, then those Directors whose terms would have expired upon the election of new Directors shall remain in office until the next regularly scheduled Director election.” Per Article 2 Section 8 of the Bylaws quorum is 10% of membership.


  1. CANDIDATE STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS AND VISION – Please provide a statement of not more than 150 words describing your qualifications and your vision for the Foundation. This will be included with the ballot materials and will also be posted on the FFCF/KFCF websites.
  2. CANDIDATE QUESTIONS (350 word limit total, excluding questions) – This will be included with the ballot materials and will also be posted on the FFCF/KFCF websites.
    1. Please provide a brief background statement with the skill, experiences, and connection with Fresno Free College Foundation that you would bring to the Board as a Director.
    2. Please describe your perception of the value of KFCF 88.1 FM and KPFA to Central California.
    3. What is your opinion of KFCF’s local programming? How would you work to improve the local programming?
    4. How would you propose to increase the size and diversity of the KFCF listening audience?
    5. What, in your opinion, is the proper role and responsibility of a Board member?
    6. Do you have time to attend monthly Board and committee meetings?
    • Your declaration of candidacy should contain an affirmation that you are standing for election to Director of the Fresno Free College Foundation.
    • EXAMPLE: I, (name), am both qualified and eligible to run for the office of Director of the Fresno Free College Foundation.
    • Include on the declaration the following information: Name , Mailing Address, Phone Number(s), Email address if any
    • This information is required in order for you to be contacted about candidate events and election activities as well as to verify your eligibility as a member.
    • The KFCF office is at 1449 N Wishon Ave in Fresno, CA 93728, SW corner of Pine and Wishon. Mailing address is PO Box 4364 Fresno, CA 93744