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Alternative Radio

Wednesday 11 AM-Noon

Alternative Radio is a weekly progressive radio program heard on more than 150 stations worldwide. Established in 1986, AR is dedicated to the founding principles of public broadcasting, which urge that programming serve as “a forum for controversy and debate,” be diverse and “provide a voice for groups that may otherwise be unheard.”

The show is hosted by David Barsamian from Boulder, CO. AR is part of the non-profit Institute for Social and Cultural Change. To learn more go to

Art Attack

1st & 3rd Thursdays 3-3:30 PM

Art Attack airs the first and third Thursdays from 3:00-3:30pm. Host Janet Alexander Flores chats with a variety of artists about the many disciplines and endeavors that are represented here in Central California. Authors, painters, actors, photographers, poets, film makers and musicians, among others, plus those folks who facilitate the Arts as communication all bring their expertise and ideas to Art Attack.

Email: janet at kfcf dot org


2nd Friday at 3:00 PM

This award-winning 13-part series of half-hour shows features the “bioneers” – social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions for people and planet. Cutting edge – charismatic – provocative – hopeful. These are the ardent voices of our most brilliant visionaries with both feet on the ground. They span the rich arc of human endeavor and practical transformation toward a future environment of hope. Produced by Collective Heritage Institute/Bioneers, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit educational organization.

Down on the Farm

1st Friday, 5-6 PM

photo of Tom Willey We must consider it a scientific fact that you are what you eat. The same molecules that make up the food we consume become those of our minds and bodies.

“Down on the Farm” is hosted by California Certified Organic Farmer Tom Willey, who harvests beets artichokes, tomatoes, turnips, peppers, among a diversity of biologically grown crops on a family-owned farm in Madera.

Tom’s focus is to help listeners be as informed as possible about the foods that grace their family’s tables. Each month’s program takes a deeper look into various aspects of progressive and environmentally conscious food production taking root on San Joaquin Valley farms.

Tune in to KFCF, 88.1FM from 5:00-6:00PM every first Friday of the month, or listen to the show live online at that time.

Email: tom at kfcf dot org

Earthbeat – A World Music Collage

2nd Saturday, 7-9 PM

From Africa to Australia, from the Celtic Highlands to Europe, from Asia to the Middle East, from the Americas to Canada including Native American drumming, Earthbeat is a collage of music from just about everywhere. Some of it is traditional music from native lands and many are compilations using native chants and beats set to modern rhythms. I find that this beat of life music speaks to my soul and hopefully others can find a meaning in it also.

My extensive world music collection has been growing from the ten plus years I have been doing world music programming, first starting with Free Radio Fresno and then with KFCF. Please join me on the second Saturday night of each month from 7 – 9 pm and experience how this wonderful music speaks to you.

Fair Housing: It’s The Law

Join MJ Bourelli of the Fresno Fair Housing Central California as they discuss the legal issues in the world of housing.

A professional, non-profit, civil rights organization dedicated to the elimination of discrimination in housing and the expansion of housing opportunities for all persons.

The Center accomplishes its goal through the advocacy of equal housing opportunities, assisting victims of housing discrimination and enforcing compliance with fair housing laws, including the Community Reinvestment Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

It provides a multifaceted program of private enforcement, education and outreach, research and advocacy to affirmatively further the goal of equal housing opportunity in our Valley.

Interstellar Lounge

3rd Saturday, 9-11 PM

The Interstellar Lounge has been broadcasting Spacey, Ambient Trance Music since 1994. The Interstellar Lounge is a great place to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Hope you can join me during this monthly musical excursion.

LIKE the Interstellar Lounge on Facebook to keep up to date at

Email contact: //]]]]>]]>

It’s a Queer Thang

3rd Friday, 5-6 PM

Information about this program currently unavailable.

Email: queer at kfcf dot org

Jazz with Jim

2nd Saturday, 9-11 PM

I do a once a month program that focuses on much of the American song book. I like it when I have a number of jazz experiences that I can play by new artists who have found in the song book music that they can make their own.

Jazz is truly America’s classical music and to hear artists from all over the world work with this music and speak thru it to people who have never even heard the song book makes me glad that I get to do the exposing on this exciting and important station.

Jim Compton-Schmidt
“Jazz with Jim”
Playing monthly (following “Earthbeat” a world music program presented by Annie Compton-Schmidt at 7-9 PM) every second Saturday from 9-11 PM.

Le Show

Sunday, 5-6 PM

Le Show is a weekly syndicated public radio show hosted by satirist Harry Shearer. The program is a hodgepodge of satirical news commentary, music, and sketch comedy. Shearer writes the sketches and usually performs all the voices.

Nuestro Foro

Tuesday, 7-8 PM

photo of Eduardo Stanley Nuestro Foro is the only one local Spanish show on KFCF. Launched 10 years ago, Nuestro Foro is produced and hosted by Eduardo Stanley, a local Latino journalist (

The show, with its talk-show format, brings news and dialogues about many issues concerning mainly Latinos in the Valley. However, these topics are also of interest of the community at large: from immigration to music, from water to elections…

The idea of the show is also to bring the opinion of “regular citizens,” such as farm workers, students or housewives. They are also experts on many topics and they also bring new and interesting ideas.

And besides the talk, some music.

You can contact the show by writing to nuestroforo2001 at yahoo dot com.

Soul Kitchen

Saturdays 2-4 PM

The Blues Doctor with a great mix of R&B era music served easy side up, just the way you like it.

Speaking Truth to Empire

3rd Wednesday, 3-3:30 PM

photo of Dan Yassen I interview authors, scholars, bloggers, and activists who help us look at our world through the prism of American Imperialism. On the show we talk about U.S. policies both foreign and domestic; and the actions of the U. S. Government, Big Corporations, and the mainstream media. These actions have severe consequences for the people in the US and other countries.

To create a better, humane and a compassionate world we must first understand what is being done in our name. And we must always be willing to stand up, speak out and “Speak Truth to Empire.”

Dan Yaseen danyaseen at comcast dot met 559-251-3361

f you would like to receive a file of the radio show contact: Dan Yaseen or 559-251-3361

Stir It Up – Community Alliance

1st Wednesday, 3-3:30 PM

The Community Alliance Stir It Up show features interviews with activists who are engaged in the struggle for peace, social, and economic justice. Pam Whalen is the host.

Stir It Up – Fresno Center for Nonviolence

2nd Wednesday, 3-3:30 PM

The Fresno Center for Nonviolence hosts the 2nd Wednesday edition of Stir It Up, from 3-3:30 p.m. The Center was founded to foster a community of spirit among people who share a desire for peace in their lives. Our intention is to stimulate changes that will reduce violence at all levels: personal, local, national, global. Our program features interviews with guests involved in issues related to our purpose, often reflecting the subject of the video we are showing at the Center the day of the program. The Center is located at 1584 N. Van Ness Ave., Fresno (SE corner McKinley and Van Ness) and is open Mon-Fri from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tel: 559-237-3223. Website address is:

Stir It Up – Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)

4th Wednesday, 3-3:30 PM

On the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3 PM the local branch of Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom hosts Stir It Up. On this program you can hear interviews with local and national experts who talk about things relating to WILPF’s national issues and study groups, such as water, Middle East, Environment, Corporations vs. Democracy, Building Beloved Community, and much more. WILPF is the oldest women’s peace organization in the world, founded in 1915. To learn more go to

Stir It Up – Peace Fresno

5th Wednesday, 3-3:30 PM

The show informs listeners of events, actions, and issues related to Peace Fresno’s mission. Peace Fresno seeks an end to the current wars. Its motto is “Action for social justice and alternatives to war.” Peace Fresno members work for nonviolent solutions to problems of terrorism and militarism and are dedicated to the principles of social, economic, and environmental justice. They support the protection and preservation of civil liberties and human rights set forth in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, and the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” 559-487-2515

Street Heat

4th Friday, 5-6 PM

Street Heat is a public affairs program produced by the Community Alliance that features interviews with people working for social, environmental and economic justice; immigrant rights; and a living wage for all working people. Long time labor activist Pam Whalen is the host.

Wasteland of the Free

Tuesday, 10 AM to Noon

photo of Rick Flores An eclectic tapestry of musical genres can be found on Wasteland, featuring local, national and world renowned artists with interviews, live in the studio concerts, news about upcoming shows and a thematic approach to musical content. New, as well as classic, selections are highlighted on a regular basis with insights regarding the artists and the music they create. Plus, don’t miss the regular feature, the original: “Thrift Store Record of the Week.” Host Rick Flores guides you on this musicological journey heard every Tuesday from 10 AM to Noon.

Email: wasteland at kfcf dot org