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KFCF Website Security

The KFCF website does not show any security issues with the Heartbleed security hole. Our credit card provider assures us: "You may be aware of a security issue being discussed in the news referred to as the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. Heartbleed is a vulnerability which affects an estimated 50-60% of all websites which use SSL encryption. SSL encryption is the mechanism by which traffic sent over the Internet (such as via visiting https:// websites) is protected from prying eyes. NPC/Vantiv is aware of this situation. NPC/Vantiv 's Information Security team has carefully assessed its systems for vulnerability to Heartbleed and has found that no sensitive, external systems were vulnerable, including all transaction processing systems."


Newzapalooza Image
Five Great Musical Acts:

  • Americana with TED NUNES AND RICHFIELD
  • Folk Standards with LONESOME JEM
  • Latin and American Classics with MERLINDA ESPINOSA
  • Folkadelic and Blues with GOOD MEDICINE
  • Original Tunes with an Indie Twist by COLORADO ROAD

  • SATURDAY MAY 3RD FROM 5 TO 9 PM on the outdoor stage at The Intermountain Nursery In the Sierra Foothills near Prather.
    Advance tickets are available from or $25 AT THE GATE.

    Tickets are also available in advance at the Intermountain Nursery.

    Map to Intermountain Nursery We'll have food from local vendors, a silent auction and great music under the stars.



    photo of New KFCF Transmitter
    KFCF is now on the air with our new transmitter. We spent $10,000 to buy the new transmitter from our general operating fund, so now we need to replenish that fund. .

    As of Wednesday March 26, 2014 we have raised a little over $8.900 towards our goal of $10,000 A contribution of $500 or $1,000 will go a long way toward helping KFCF in this special time of need.
    Make your donation at KFCF TRANSMITTER FUND or use the transmitter fund button at the bottom of this page.

    Our transmitter failed and the replacement power supply is not allowing it to operate at full power. We are looking at moving the old transmitter to an emergency backup status.

    Alternative Radio

    Wednesdays at 11 AM

    Wednesday April 23, 2014 -Robert McChesney & John Nichols - Dollarocracy (lecture)

    Dollarocracy: a system of government where private wealth determines political outcomes. Sound at all familiar? The corruption bred by boatloads of cash contaminates and pollutes our entire political process. So-called reforms won't cure the ailment. Radical surgery is required. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., understood this well when he counseled, "Timid supplications for justice will not solve the problem. We've got to massively confront the power structure." Washington is Lobbystan. The thousands of influence peddlars pretty much get what they want for their paymasters. Elections matter little. That's because, as McChesney and Nichols say, "Powerful interests-freed to, in effect, buy elections, set the rules of engagement. Those interests so dominate politics that the squabbling of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, is a sideshow to the great theater of plutocracy and plunder." Democracy has been sold down the river.

    Robert McChesney teaches at the University of Illinois. He is the author of many books including Digital Disconnect. He is co-author with John Nichols of Dollarocracy. He is a founder of Free Press, a national media reform organization. The Utne Reader listed him among their "50 visionaries who are changing the world."

    John Nichols is Washington correspondent for The Nation. A contributing writer for The Progressive, he is also the associate editor of the Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a frequent guest on radio and television programs.

  • Apr 23 Robert McChesney & John Nichols - Dollarocracy
  • Apr 30 Martin Espada - Remembering Well & Raising Hell
  • FFCF 2012-2013 Annual Report Now available

    The new Annual Report for KFCF and The Fresno Free College Foundation is now available at: FFCF Annual Report

    KFCF Volunteer Opportunities

    KFCF is looking for the following: a webmaster to update and maintain the KFCF website; and someone to help with light janitorial services at our studios. We also can occasionally use volunteers for other things, too. If you can help, send an email to or call the station at 559-233-2221.

    LA Theatre Works

    Sundays at 7 PM

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    FFCF Board of Directors Meeting

    The Board of Directors of the Fresno Free College Foundation holds its regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Fresno Center For Non Violence/Peace Fresno at 1584 N Van Ness Avenue Avenue in Fresno.

    The next meeting is scheduled for May 20.

    Winter 2014 Pledge Drive
    February 4-21

    A number of people have contacted KFCF saying they want to directly donate to KFCF. If you want to donate, you can send your contribution to KFCF, PO Box 4364, Fresno, CA 93744-4364, or donate/pledge online by clicking one of the buttons below. If you're interested in a premium, you can donate via KPFA's web page or their toll free number, 1-800-439-5732.

    If you wish to enter a recurring monthly pledge, click the "Monthly Pledge" button.

    To make a single payment, click the "One Time Payment" button.

    Please note that only individuals who donate a minimum of $25 per year to KPFA by calling 1-800-439-5732 or via the website are eligible to vote in KPFA elections. Potential members who want to donate more than $25 have an option of donating this $25 amount to KPFA (a portion of this donation returns to our local affiliate) and the balance of their intended donation directly to KFCF. All donations of at least $25 to KPFA qualify individuals to vote in KFCF (local) and KPFA (Berkeley) elections.

    KFCF Transmitter Fund

    To make a single payment, click the "Transmitter Fund" button.