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Street Heat

Friday June 26 at 5:00 PM

This week on the Street Heat radio show: Hear about tenant rights and the struggle to improve living conditions in Fresno and throughout the state. We will talk to Dean Preston, the executive director of Tenants Together and local TT organizer Simone Cranston-Rhodes. Our second segment will be a discussion about Global Warming. Jim Grant will talk about the Catholic Church’s view and Tom Cotter will talk about local organizing around this issue. Howard Watkins will be our final guest of the hour and he will discuss his Photographic Archive Project and the exhibit of his work in the CSU-Fresno library. Pam Whalen is the host and Mike Rhodes is the producer and board operator.

Bioneers Weekly


Thursdays at 3:30 PM on KFCF-FM

This American Life MONDAYS at 2 PM on KFCF 88.1 FM

Ira Glass is one of America's premiere storytellers and his show "This American Life" can be heard on KFCF Mondays at 2:00 PM.

This American Life

This American Life - Monday 6.29.15 at 2 PM

This week on "This American Life" ... A captain’s log is a simple thing: the date, the time, maybe the weather — and the current status of a long journey. You wouldn’t know from the cryptic notations what weird worlds lurk beneath. On this week's show, stories behind those cryptic notations — including a concentration camp in China filled with Girl Scouts. Also, Aziz Ansari explains the significance of a Thanksgiving text message, and Etgar Keret destroys a marriage piece by piece. "Captain's Log"... this week, on This American Life

Planetary Radio

Sundays at 6:30 PM

Planetary Radio image NASA/JPL

May 24 @ 6:30 PM Planetary Radio - Sunday June 28th at 6:30 PM

We return to the beautiful Aquarium of the Pacific in southern California for a fascinating conversation about ocean science. What we learn down here is furthering our research around the solar system. William Patzert, Jerry Schubel and Steven Vance join Mat Kaplan on stage. Emily Lakdawalla tells us what Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory rover, has been doing lately. Bruce Betts is keeping his eye on converging Jupiter and Venus.

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Alternative Radio

Wednesdays at 11 AM

July 1 - Rob Larson - Fossil Fuelishness

rob Larson

Historian Barbara Tuchman once wrote the, "rejection of reason is the prime characteristic of folly." The lack of urgency in addressing the eco-crisis is an example of that. Heat waves in India, floods in Texas, drought in California, melting polar ice caps, rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere and so much more, are still presented as unconnected dots. Climate summits come and go resulting in little more than lofty announcements. With an abundance of solar and wind energy at our fingertips it's stunning and reckless that fossil fuelishness continues. As a sign said in Seattle protesting a huge Shell rig heading for drilling in the Artic, "Good Planets are Hard to Find.”

Rob Larson teaches economics at Tacoma Community College. He is the author of Bleakonomics. His articles appear in Dollars and Sense.
  • July 1 Robert Larson — Glass Half on Fire
  • Jul 8 Vandana Shiva - Radical Compassion
  • Jul 15 Tavis Smiley - The Hidden Dr. King
  • Jul 22 Marjorie Cohn - Death From Above: Drones
  • Jul 29 Cornel West - Love & Justice
  • Democracy Now! Newsfeed

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    Pacifica Evening News - Evenings at 6 PM on KFCF

    Lawmakers Begin Special Session on Healthcare

    State lawmakers have begun meeting in a special legislative session to look for more than a billion dollars to fund health care programs, including funding for home care for aged, blind and disabled Californians. They’re looking at options including a new version of the current tax on managed care health providers, as well as other possible taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

    California's Oil Trains and Environmental Racism

    As the nation finds itself increasingly embroiled in much-needed conversations about racial injustice, one more story is gaining traction - that of the intense environmental injustice that communities of color face across the country. A study by Bay Area public interest groups has just been published detailing the risks that trains transporting crude oil disproportionately impose on minority communities in California. Pacifica's Liam McLaughlin reports.

    Mission Moratorium: Scrable to the Ballot

    Activists in San Francisco's Mission District say new building developments are driving out low to mid-income residents. They're scrambling to gather enough signatures to put a moratorium on market rate development on the November ballot. Lucy Kang filed this report from San Francisco.

    Livestock Antibiotics Bill Clears Ag Committee

    An Assembly committee has approved a measure to limit the use of antibiotics for livestock. The measure by democratic senator Jerry Hill aims at reducing the over-use of antibiotics that could lead to an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria that pose a public health risk. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

    City Council Postpone Voting on New Regulations For Berkeley’s Homeless

    A lengthy agenda and a lengthy meeting of the Berkeley City Council last night - there was the budget and a pending deal with the city's unionized workers. And then there were four proposed ordinances on the behavior of homeless people from councilwoman Linda Maio who says the status quo is no longer acceptable and points to a growing encampment on Shattuck and Telegraph Avenues. Opponents of her measures complained that the actual language of her proposals was not available until late last month and a last minute amendment distributed last night undermined the democratic process. Maio's supporters suggested that the opponents were filibustering the meeting to drive it into the early morning hours and scuttle the legislation. Pacifica's Saadia Malik reports.


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